Warning About Content Output for the Next Two Plus Weeks

I keep promising a relaunch on this blog where I go back to magically posting original content on a daily basis.  Of course, I then successfully continue my streak of not doing that at all.  I thought it was only fair to let you know that the status quo will likely remain for the next two weeks.  There is a chance magic will prevail and I actually start putting up some new articles over the next two weeks, but there is also a chance a magic portal to the land of fairies is buried underneath my shed.  Though pretty unlikely.

I am going to be pretty occupied for the next bit, but I am hopeful that a real relaunch with regular content will start on Tuesday August 20th.  Or at least I'll then write yet another long "excuse essay."  Either way, I'll write something that day, I'm sure.

So, now you've been warned if you come here in the next two week and start seeing tumbleweeds blow past.  It'll get better.  I promise.  Maybe.