Well, There Goes Thursday. . .

So, much for this.

Seriously, it was intended to be a relaunch at the time.

Unfortunately, time has been a bit of an ass.  The problem is that very soon I'll be away from the compute for approximately two weeks.  Being away from my computer makes it rather hard to type up the work that is due to my clients. 

As great as freelance writing can be, it does have the downside of being really lousy at vacation pay.  As in it doesn't exist, because why would an editor just give me money for my vacation.  Though if they want to do that, I am totally cool with that.  Since they likely aren't then this means that two weeks of no writing means two weeks of no pay.

In order to try to solve that problem, I've been trying to do about two weeks' worth of pay copy for all my clients so they don't even notice I'm gone and are still willing to give me my normal weekly fee.

This means that I've been furiously exercising my finger against the keyboard, but just not here.  But I want to be.  Honest.

At least, you now know the reason that I've been a little silent after promising I'd stop doing that.

It is a better excuse than devoting all my time to a Pop Tart castle.  Though that may or may not be the reason I'll be away for two weeks.  Pop Tart castles take time.