The Breakdown of Blue Jasmine, You're Next, Dear Zachary, and Moon Podcast

Scott and I return this week with reviews on four movies that include Woody Allen's latest comedy, Blue Jasmine; a black comedy that is a homage of home invasion pictures, You're Next; a gut-punching documentary about a murdered friend, Dear Zachary:  A Letter to a Son About His Father; and a sci-fi thriller, Moon.  After the review, we both pick an actor that is wrongfully hated and explain why they're much better than people give credit.  Another fun show for the film buff that likes lively discussion and some looks at film history.

Podcast Timeline:

Blue Jasmine Review - 1:12

You're Next Review - 13:50

Dear Zachary - 26:24

Moon - 35:25

Actors with Undeserved Hate - 45:55

Review Recap - 59:39