Rev Up the Engines

The Breakdown of Cult Classics Podcast

Scott and I change things up this week, and look at four motion pictures that are considered cult classics.  We look at four different genres with films that many hold on top.  We're reviewing Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller, Blade Runner; the comedy about twentysomethings stuck in dead end jobs, Clerks; the horror picture that made found footage popular, The Blair Witch Project; and the summer fling dance picture, Dirty Dancing.  We will also be looking back at the grosses of major blockbusters and debating what this means for the future of summer pictures, as well as weigh in on our thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman.

Because it was requested by some loyal listeners, here is a timeline of each review so you can fast forward to a specific one you want to hear.

2:52 The Blair Witch Project

14:56 Blade Runner

25:06 Dirty Dancing

34:19 Clerks

44:02 Analyzing Blockbuster Grosses

1:02:31 Thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman

 1:07:07 Recap of the reviews