Upcoming Content Plans for the Blog

You may have noticed that I've actually written a few things on the blog for the past few days, so maybe we can bust out the bubbly.  Except I'm not really a big fan of champagne, so you could shake up a bottle of Coke and we can party over that instead.

Anyway, I just wanted to address a current strategy I'm going to be implementing in hopes of furthering my writing career, and it makes sense my blog will be the place I do it, since it also happens to be responsible for me kicking off my writing career (it was the posts on here that landed me my first four gigs, and I've sold several articles from this blog).  It is now time to see if this trusty blog of mine can launch a few more things for me.

My desire is to land positions with both the Online TV Critics Society and the Online Film Critics Society, because both will allow me access to things I can't currently achieve without those certifications.  There is an application process that starts next year, but a major component of it is to have a large number of professional reviews written.  I have a few venues to sell my articles, but I also know the numbers required means I'll need more clients and editors.  It also looks like ghost reviews don't qualify, which knocks out one of my bigger sources of income.  The goal is to have the byline and be able to claim the reviews as my own.

This means that I'll be aiming to write several TV and film reviews for the blog for the next several months.  This is good for me personally, because the constant writing of reviews will get me stronger at the form, but also having another set thing to write every day helps towards me becoming more prolific.  It also hopefully will be an enjoyable thing for you since it means more content on the blog, and visitor statistics seem to indicate reviews are one of the more popular things on this site (with TV surprisingly being the more popular one, even though film is my preferred medium).

I don't want this blog to transform into a purely pop culture and movie/TV review site.  There will inevitably be a lot of that content on here over the next few months, but I still wants this to be the place I offer a variety of different writings.  I enjoy doing the humour, writing advice, reflections on my career, thoughts on parenting, opinions on world news, and whatever other things pop in my head.  It just means that once again I'll need to be far more prolific on this blog, and post content more than daily.  We'll see how successful I end up being while also looking after Everett and doing the writing that I get paid to do (aka the stuff that makes writing my career).

Some of these reviews will be on episodes or films I've already ghost written, but now trying to get a byline for that specific work.  I'll just post links for the reviews that I do end up writing for a client that allows me to have a byline attached such as Collective Publishing and BuddyTV (and whoever else wants to pay for some Spicy writings).

The eventual plan is to transfer all my reviews and pop culture articles over to its own dedicated entertainment site.  This is something I want to monetize and actually be a business (that may also hire writers), so this is still quite a ways down the line as I need to prove to sponsors I have an actual readership that will make the site profitable.  I have some possible partnerships, but for the most part, there isn't much I want to say about it at the moment.  Other than that this is the proof I don't want to turn this actual blog into a review site, but it needs to serve that purposes for now.

This also means that the best way you can show appreciation to my work is to pass on the word.  If you enjoy the podcast or reviews or a specific articles, then please share it with others.  The more regular readers I can land then the better chance I have of my career growing.  Now, if you think I suck and just "hate read" me then keep the stuff to yourself in the hope you'll be able to cheer as this all goes down in flames.

You may remember a few months back that I wrote an article for Collective Publishing where I posted 38 mini-film reviews for pictures I'd ghost written reviews for but never had a chance to write under my name. I'm actually still backlogged on several movies, and a few of them I'd intended to write full reviews for this month.  I've now decided it is better to just get all the movies I've seen out of the way with another article of small reviews (besides, a few of them did get reviews in podcasts).  I plan to post a collection of one line reviews along with their star rating in the next day or so.  I also have ghost written a few TV shows this season already, and had planned to write new reviews for them too, but the dreaded backlog struck again.  I also will be posting an article of several mini-TV show reviews that will include the season premiere of Survivor, How I Met Your Mother and the new TV thriller Hostages.

Once I have those articles posted, I'll start publishing full written reviews for individual TV episodes and films.  To kick-off things off, the latest fully written review will be Prisoners for Collective Publishing tomorrow.  You can look forward to that.

Anyway, if you enjoy my reviews then you should have much to look forward to over the next few months.  Hopefully, by this time next year, there will even be a whole site dedicated to them and other writer's opinions as well.  And if you don't like reviews, then I aim to still offer up all the same style of non-pop culture writings that have been on here in the past, and keep this a fun place for the whole family.  Well, for a family that can handle the occasional swear and rants against the Conservative government.  But don't worry, the kids are probably distracted by Mike the Knight or that delightful squeaky sponge man.