The It's Sunday and I Don't Have Time to Blog Hollywood Question Post

In the very competitive 2013 "Oscar Contenders" season, we've seen several highly anticipated films get bumped to the 2014 calendar.  Off the top of my head, there has been Grace of Monaco, Foxcatcher, and The Monuments Men that have all for different reasons been announced to be bumped to a 2014 release date.  The Wolf of Wall Street was once part of that party, but has now been slotted for a Christmas release, which means Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit got bumped out of that comfy coveted position to likely wallow in the early months dump zone of cinema.

But my title promises a question, and none of the above sentences have a question mark.  So, here are my sentences that will eventually lead to a real question.  Pushing a hotly anticipated film out of the very competitive 2013 fall, and sticking it somewhere in the early months of next year seems to be the new trendy thing of Hollywood.  I'm sensing we've got to have at least one more major motion picture pack its bags and take a permanent trip to 2014.

What do you think will be the next motion picture to get pushed to the 2014 schedule?

My pick is American Hustle where it is revealed that the trailers kick so much glorious ass, because that is all David O. Russell has been working on and he forgot to shoot an actual movie. 

Of course, if my prediction was actually right then I likely crawl into my office's closet where I can squeeze up next to my wife's bouldering pad and cry for the next three weeks or so.  This is the movie I've been pumped to see the most this year, but it also seems like the one most likely to pull a cruel thing like this on me.  But at least I'm assured two old guys punching each other in their shorts this Christmas.


  1. The best thing about this whole shake up is that there are now good reasons to head to theatres in the winter of 2014. Sadly, though, I imagine that some of these films like Grace of Monaco and Foxcatcher may end up never getting out of limited release. My guess for a film getting bumped would be Lone Survivor, and that's a long shot seeing as it is supposed to premiere at a festival in a few weeks.


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