Retro Thoughts on Remembrance Day

My stance on war outside the realm of '80s' action pictures tends to slide slightly in the direction of pacifism.  I definitely believe there have been unnecessary wars, and feel that the majority of nations' strategies to resolve conflict since the dawn of man haven't been the most advantageous towards the goal of worldwide peace.  Despite saying all that,  I have an amazing amount of respect and thankfulness not only towards our veterans but the men and woman that have recently risked their lives for their country.  Any opposition to a war never has anything to do with them, and I know their jobs comes from loyalty, duty and patriotism, which I have much respect.  I've got some pretty strong feeling towards Remembrance Day, and these views shape how I reflect upon the day and the troops/veterans.  A few years ago I wrote a not-quite-a-poem that summed up exactly what these feelings and beliefs are, and they're essentially exactly the same today.  I invite you to go check out this piece from blog's past.

I should mention that one line now not only should include being a husband but also a father, which possibly even adds a new power to the emotion of that particular bit.