The Breakdown Podcast Going on Hiatus Until 2014

I'd say that title sort of says it all.

But then it wouldn't be me if I didn't attempt to reiterate and explain things to the point of a redundancy that leaves a horse carcass pounded into a fine paste.

Hmm, that analogy may have been better suited before Halloween passed us all by.

Anyway, Scott and I have been seriously discussing the current state of the podcast, and more specifically, the current state of ourselves and how the podcast fits into our lives.  The Breakdown is incredibly important to us, and I do think it is a key part for where I want to go with my writing career.  It is also very time consuming, and as I've written about many times in the past few months, things have been hectic and stressful for me.

We've decide to put the Breakdown on the shelf.  Luckily, it isn't a very high shelf.  We can easily grab it and play with it again when we're ready.  We definitely plan to bring the Breakdown back very soon.

We also want the Breakdown to be in its best possible form.  The goal is to return with really high quality and professional shows that are entertaining and valuable for the movie lover.  It will be back when we've decide the podcasts are ready to reach our high expectations.

A two month hiatus should be enough time to retool the podcasts, but also give me time to focus on other aspects of my writing career.  I don't want to just be a film critic.  I feel some of the other aspects of my writing goals have suffered recently.  The next two months I can focus on them, while also regaining my love for film criticism.  I definitely plan to write several films review for this site and Collective Publishing over the next few months.  I'm not completely pushing that aspect of my writing away, and actually may even have more reviews in the next bit along with other articles about film.  I just feel the Breakdown needs a retooling phase and I also just need a break from it.

The plan is to relaunch the next season of the Breakdown on Monday January 6th.  This is a tentative launch date.  I'm currently working with the idea that is when it will return, and I'll let you know if it starts looking like that won't be able to happen.  I'm definitely looking forward to the return, but I am also excited about being able to work on some new things over these next two months.

During this break, I'd love any feedback you'd have on the current format, and any changes you'd like to see.  My other request is that you also have yourself a wonderful Sunday.  You should probably work on that right after your feedback.