This Weekend, Same as the Last Weekend

Which is to say that I'm going to essentially be off social media and the blog again.  We're one week away from moving, and I've been informed that Packing Trolls are just a thing I've wishfully made up.  It looks like we need to do our own putting of things in boxes, unless Summit has a trick he hasn't showed me yet.  Luckily, Emily has done a great deal of it already, but I have my own "valuables" that need a transportation holder device to be inserted into for safe keeping on the travels.  On top of that, we also have a social event to attend, and also much like most weekends, I've got some pay copy that needs to be written and sent off to editors (so I can benefit from the pay part of the term).  It is enough to keep me busy and away from here.

In order to keep you occupied until I return on Monday, let me know all about your weekend plans.