A Delicious Reheated Christmas Post

The incredibly observant will notice my blogging hasn't picked up since the move to the new house.  I won't bore you with my excuses and reasons, because I'm sure that can be saved for another post.  I do have several articles and pieces lined up to finally get this blog a rocking place again, but that time will likely be saved for after a small little holiday you may have heard about.  A holiday that is now extra wonderful and delightful because the very next day is my little treasure's birthday.

But speaking about that little holiday, I wrote a short story called "Mary Christmas" a few years ago on this blog to mark the event.  Since I'm going to spend the rest of my day either trying to finish some deadline intensive pay copy and if that goes quickly then some Christmas prep and unpacking, it is best to distract you with this past story.

If I don't come on again by Wednesday, have a Merry Christmas.