Pictorial Tale of the Spicers' Holidays (AKA Bunch of Pictures of Everett)

Happy New Year, and I really hope you're rocking it in 2014.  My goal is that the blog is a far more active place this year and I have a whole slew of exciting new writing projects to bring to your attention.  But before we can look ahead, it is time to look back, or more specifically, show you through the magic of pictures how my family spent the holiday season.

Christmas time has become extra special in the Spicer household, because the next day ushers in the birthday of my preciouse treasure, Everett.  If you ask him, he'll tell you that he is now 2.  He'd also happen to be right.  He's a smart one.

Even though this was taken on Christmas day, here are a few shots of the place we now call home.