The Breakdown Does Supplemental: A Short Podcast Looking at Our Two Month Hiatus

Hopefully, by now you know the Breakdown made its glorious return on Monday.  It was a special Best of 2013 show, where both Scott and I made lists of our 10 best movies of 2013.  It is a great show to point you in the direction of movies you really need to check out, and may even bring your attention to some films you hadn't heard about before.

Scott and I often do a short warm-up show before most of our podcasts, and usually we don't bother ever posting it since well, there is a reason it is called a warm-up.  But this week we used our warm-up to discuss some of the movies we watched during our hiatus from the Breakdown.  It led to some pretty fun movie discussion.  For those of you that can't get enough Breakdowns then here is a bonus episode to stuff yourself on.  But it also is a pretty good show for those that haven't ever listened to the Breakdown since it is only 12 minutes long, and is a nice sample of what our style is like.  It will help you decide if you want to try out our weekly hour long film podcasts.