About My Lack of Olympics Coverage

I wanted to clarify that my complete lack of mentioning anything to do with the Sochi Olympics has nothing to do with boycotting the event. I've actually been watching a bit of it, but far less than I'd normally. My inability of being able to attentively follow it would be the bigger reason for not writing about the biggest sporting event of the year.

And why have I not been paying close attention or writing about these big games?  Especially since my home country, Canada, has been rocking it in many ways that are worthy of articles and ponderings.

Well, obviously a troll has stolen my Olympic Writing Pants.  No self-respecting journalist, writer, or blogger would ever attempt to write about the Olympics without such important and thoughtful pants. So, I've sadly needed to avoid it.

I've been earnestly negotiating with the troll, and have hopes that the pants will be back on my person soon. I'm currently trying to get them back in exchange for 3 Risk game pieces, the WWF light-heavyweight title, and a single figure skate signed by Moira Kelly.

We should know how it all turns out by tomorrow morning.