The Breakdown Philomena and Three Other Pictures Looking at Unconventional Families

The Breakdown is back after an unexpected hiatus forced upon us by technology. The best way to fight an evil doer is to unite. So this week we're looking at the toughest of bonds -- family.  Well, except when it isn't really all that tough and everyone is rolling on the floor trying to choke each other. Family is a crazy thing, and comes in many forms. The biggest proof is all four of these pictures in some way are about family, but they are all entirely different. The other thing that is different is mine and Scott's opinion on some of them, as we're divided on a few of the recommendations. Check out our thoughts in the latest Breakdown.

Breakdown Outline:

1:06       August: Osage Country 
12:14    Philomena
22:00    The Way, Way Back
35:24    Saving Mr. Banks
48:22    Lessons Learned from Gravity
1:04:34 Recap of reviews

Note: Due to the delay of posting this podcast, we actually won't be recording the "Breakdown of Love" podcast that is promoted at the end of this show. Instead, next week we'll be looking at the implications and impact of the modern blockbuster formula.