Everett Wants You All to Watch the Video to the Oscar's Best Original Song

Everett doesn't follow the Oscars. Nor did he know that Frozen was a 2013 film or that even it has a song in the running for an award. I wasn't even sure he knew what an award was. Everett has roughly 100 favourite songs, and always wants to listen to something different.

A few minutes ago Emily asked, "Everett, did you know your favourite song just won an award?"

Everett responded, "Yes! (Singing) Let it gooooo! Let it goooo! Watch it! Let it goooo!  Let it goooo!"

I haven't shown him any Oscar footage. And I'm pretty sure 10 minutes ago, "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" was tied with "Beat It" for his favourite song. Yet somehow he knew last night's winner in the Best Original Song category.

He must have smuggled an iPhone into his crib and has been secretly catching up on pop culture.

Anyway, I still plan to write something more about last night's awards. I'm currently trying to pound out some pay copy. Until that is done, you can watch the award winning and more importantly, Everett's favourite song, "Let It Go" performed by Idina Menzel for Oscar winning Best Animated Feature, Frozen.