It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Other Disney Characters Covered "Let It Go"

As you know, I am quite aware of that little Frozen ditty that goes by the name "Let It Go." Of course, anyone with kids has probably heard the song about a million times by now. Anyone without kids has only had it invade their ear canals about a thousand times or so. It is also very likely you've heard one of the countless parodies or covers that have invaded the internet, because if there is one thing the internet can do, it is beat a dead horse then revive it then beat it again then revive it so it can give birth to more horses that then can be beat.

There are lots of parodies or different version of "Let It Go" out there. The latest hot meme version may be the most impressive and also the most likely to inspire Disney into turning the version into an animated short. Or at least, I think they should feel inspired and do such a thing.

Brian Hull is a vocal performance major at Dallas Baptist University. He decided to join in on the contest of making covers of the Academy Award winning song. His version was a rather creative tribute to Disney canon as he decided to make a "We Are the World" style version where 21 different characters sung a few lines.

The idea is impressive on its own. The more impressive thing is how well he captures all the voices, and you can easily figure out almost every character without the helpful graphic. This is definitely my favourite cover version, and it is so well done that Disney could essentially take this version and just animate it to make their own video.

Hull is incredibly talented as he obviously can sing but also has a wide range of voices at his disposal. Not only can he do a whole lot of believable voices but he can do the even more challenging thing of doing it while singing.

The best thing about this story is apparently some Disney folks stumbled across this song. Now, they've offered Hull an audition. It is sort of obvious that this would be a dream come true for Mr. Hull. Based off this, he definitely deserves the chance to voice his own Disney character.

Anyway, in case you haven't seen the latest hot meme, here are 21 Disney characters singing "Let It Go." I love how Hull changes his expressions to become the character. It is proof that voice acting is a true form of character performing as you really need to become the voice and allow that personality come through. Anyway, this is a great.