Since Snow is Finally Taking a Vacation, Here is a Pictorial Reminder of Winter's Wonders

In honour of Noah coming out this weekend, the rain is coming down at a furious pace at the moment. The once white snow that dominated the landscape for several months is now becoming a grey slush. The outside isn't beckoning for us to wear shorts and tank tops yet, but it appears to be trying to encourage one to think about pulling out a lighter jacket. It looks like spring is finally going on the offensive and winter may be at its last stand.

Even though it got tiring pushing the snow off the driveway, and my habit to misplace gloves and hats means I played around with frostbite on my long walks with Summit, and most of all a pain in having to endure people whine about the thing that comes every single year, winter wasn't all bad. It is actually quite a fun time of year when the weather doesn't freeze off your limbs, especially when you have a young child and a bouncing dog that take plenty of pleasure in the great white.

Winter sometimes is a wonderland. So, since it finally seems to be gone, I am ready to talk nice about it. Here are some photos from a few months back where the Spicer clan got to embrace the joys of winter in our new backyard. Winter is extra fun when you have a tobogganing hill on your property.

If you so desire, you can gander at these picture all weekend. I'm planning to be off the blog yet again. I've got the typical pay copy and family obligations to eat up all my hours. I'm aiming for a much busier week on the blog next week in order to kick off that wonderful month we all love to call April. I'll likely be back on Tuesday Wednesday.