Just a Friendly Reminder That I'm a Little Bit Insane

I realize that the content output on this blog has been all kinds of dreadful. Unless you like sites being infrequently updated and mainly filled with excuses and links to other sites, because in that case, this has likely been an absolute pleasure for you.  For everyone else, there hasn't been too many reasons to check out the site lately.

I have reasons for the low output, but a lot of them have been discussed here thoroughly in the past. There were a few unforeseen events a couple weeks back that acted like a rather mighty gut punch and sucked a bit of the energy out of me for a bit. Though I'd rather not trot out the excuses, so we'll move on from here.

My real reason for this small post is to actually offer you up a small window into the insanity of my mind. Earlier today, I decide it was time to relaunch things on this site. In order to do that, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to write a post that presented 21 quick thoughts on pop culture events that I've been meaning to discuss.

The vision was for it to be a quick catch-up piece. It would be just a line or two for each thought. At this point, you'd think I'd have come to terms with the fact that I am a wordy fellow and tend to like going down that rambling path.

Before I reached my 21st thought, it was quite clear that each thought was now a paragraph and I'd composed a mini-book. The problem was that each paragraph was supposed to be "brief" thoughts, which meant I didn't explore any proper depth on any of them. What I had was a very long essay filled with teasers.

I've voted against posting it, because it was quite clear that it didn't meet my expectations for what I wanted to convey. On the positive side, I now have opening paragraphs to several new articles on a variety of topics. This should lead to a nice batch of new content on here for the next while (or for a few publishers in some cases).

I'm slowly learning that I don't really write anything quick. It is almost never a good idea for me to try to compose articles of lists or an assortment of thoughts, as it is destined to become a mammoth collection of essays and articles that should have been on their own.

One day, I'll learn to be succinct, but it clearly won't be with this particular post.

I just want to try to reaffirm that content is on its way and I am most definitely plagued by some odd writing quirks that sometimes hinder actually posting things on here.

I also wanted to announce that movie reviews are going to start being regular on here again. In the coming days, I'll try to come up with something to quickly sum up the 19 pictures I've seen this year but have only ghostwritten reviews for. I'll be kicking off with new reviews this weekend starting with The Other Woman. You can look forward to that.

Speaking of reviews, the Breakdown will relaunch on the first Monday of May. Scott and I will be reviewing four pictures including The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We're also going to start doing trailer reviews again, but that will return next Thursday (as in not tomorrow).

So, that is enough stuff to hype up for the now active site. I'll christen the new beginning with a very overdue tribute to the Ultimate Warrior that I'll try posting by the afternoon tomorrow.

Now, you can return to your regularly scheduled programming.