The Breakdown Podcast Comes Knocking at the Door of the "Neighbors"

This week Scott and I review and discuss the latest Seth Rogen comedy in Neighbors. After that we move away from the funny as we review the 2013 documentary Blackfish along with two other pictures. We also have a discussion on the impact of Netflix starting to be combined with some cable systems and analyze how this will affect pictures and television in the future. Also for those that love a passionate debate, Scott and I war over a mere half star discrepancy, because that is why podcasts are made.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, and as always, if you like what you hear then please spread the word.

Podcast Content Layout:

00:50  Neighbors
16:04  Blackfish
25:36  Ip Man
33:06  Blue Valentine
42:48  Netflix to Cable
59:12  Reviews Rundown