Breakdown of the First Half of 2014 Podcast: Proving Some Years That Great Movies Arrive Before the Fall

2014 has been a pretty strong year for movies so far. But the one downside of living in a smaller city and being over an hour away from Toronto (and even farther from TIFF Lightbox) I wasn't able to catch a lot of the high quality independent pictures that arrived in cinemas this year. Despite that, I still caught some smaller movies but also there was a surprisingly strong selection of mainstream fare. This week on the podcast, Scott and I both list our top five pictures of the year, also hand out some awards, and then look ahead to what is worth getting excited for in the second half of the year.

Podcast Outline: 

1:03  Most Memorable Cameo
5:50  Best Scene 
10:57 Biggest Delightful Surprise
18:47 Stand-out Leading Performance
32:06 Best Underrated/Little Known Picture
43:10 Most Disappointing/Worst Picture
50:27 Top Five Pictures of the First Half of the Year
1:20:42 Most Anticipated Pictures

Correction: When talking about Boyhood, I mention Robin Wright when she isn't even in the movie. I should have mentioned and would have mentioned if not for the embarrassing brainfart that Patricia Arquette plays the mother.  While I have you here, Ellar Coltrane stars as the boy whose name is Mason.