Breakdown of 'Fantastic Voyage' & 'Stranger by the Lake': It is a Cinematic Exploration of the Human Body

Scott and I stayed away from the cinemas this week as none of the new releases could entice use to lumber out of our caves and into the fresh air. Instead, we have one of our most diverse podcasts as we'll be reviewing and discussing a sci-fi classic, a French erotic thriller, giant shark schlock, and Sofia Coppola's debut feature. We've got lots to debate and discuss on each picture along with the historical contexts and reflections on the impact of cinema that gives our show the added depth for the movie buff. We also look at the recent comments by Michael Bay that set Twitter ablaze.

Breakdown Outline:

01:12  Fantastic Voyage review
23:14  Stranger by the Lake review
39:06  Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark review
52:12 The Virgin Suicides review
1:05:14 Michael Bay's Controversial Comments
1:20:38 Review rundown