Searching for the Mature Adult Movie

At one time, the movie cinema was a house full of diverse motion picture options that ranged from romantic comedy to period piece drama to experimental sci-fi to tearjerker to supernatural horror to epic adventure. There was almost always a big, easy to consume mainstream action picture but you could usually find something more eclectic as well. In the modern multiplexes, it feels like everything is focused on explosions with just the cause of the disaster changing (thus the current definition of variety). The key word here may be "feels." Now, I'll immediately admit that the current cinemas lack the variety of even 20 years ago, and there definitely isn't the wide selection of subversive and challenging movies of the 1970s nor are there the mature and personal character-driven movies that acted as counter-programming to the blockbusters. If you're willing to look and be a bit patient for it to come to your area, filmmakers are still creating some fantastic, imaginative, original, and innovative motion pictures. In my latest Collective Publishing, I explain why the state of mature adult cinema may not be as dire as we're being lead to believe.