Breakdown of 'Fury' Podcast: Plus We Give Out Four Stars Like It's Candy on Halloween

Scott and I trudged out to the cinemas again this week and witnessed Brad Pitt's return to the battlegrounds of World War 2 Germany in David Ayer's latest actioner, Fury. We also review four other pictures that include a Wes Anderson production and Robert Downey Jr's latest picture. It is definitely a must-watch show as two pictures earn a perfect score of four stars from both of us. As always if you love the show then please pass it on to other film fans.

Breakdown Outline:

00:56  Fury review
20:06  Gloria review
30:53  Moonrise Kingdom review
47:23  The Judge review
55:14  Forks Over Knives review
1:08: 40 Review Rundown

EDIT: The times were all off on the Outline, because apparently the player at Internet Archive lives in a different realm of time than my Windows Media Player.