The Breakdown of 'Gone Girl' Podcast: Plus Proof Some of the Best Stories Come from Documentaries

Scott and I finally return to reviewing movies, and we've got a loaded show with five pictures. The big one is David Fincher's highly anticipated adaptation of the Gillian Flynn bestseller, Gone Girl. We also look at two documentaries from the master of the form, Steve James (including one of my most anticipated 2014 releases, Life Itself). On top of that, we've got your animated and Young Adult fix covered with two September releases. It was a lot of fun reviewing and debating movies again and we aimed to entertain with our battles against each other to prove one's film criticism superiority while also incorporating some history and reflections upon the bigger impact some of these pictures have in pop culture. As always, if you love the show then please spread the word.

Breakdown Outline:

00:49  Gone Girl review
22:54  Life Itself review
34:56  Hoop Dreams review
45:52  The Boxtrolls review
58:00  The Maze Runner review
01:10:27  Review Rundown

Note: Despite going really long on Gone Girl, I still failed to bring up a crucial aspect of the picture. Most thrillers, even ones that delve into the ludicrous plots and twists (which admittedly this flick does as well) tend to take themselves painfully serious and are devoid of humour. Fincher always tends to have a great deal of wit, snappy dialogue, and black humour sprinkled throughout his pictures,  but this one is jammed with it and is a sick and twisted yet very funny movie. It is aware it is absurd, but also remembers to tone down the macabre and morbid moments with truly gutbusting laughs. The presentation of how the media jumps on the missing person case and the interplay between many of the characters delivers some really clever and biting humour. Okay, I think I covered the movie enough.