Did the Source Material Really Demand Two Mockingjays?

The answer is no. But it wouldn't be much of an article if I left it there. So, instead I'm using my Collective Publishing article to explore the issue of splitting a movie into two parts. It is a trend that really started with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and now has become the tradition with all Young Adult novel series adaptations, even if the final book doesn't seem to warrant it. The splitting of movies has happened in the past with pictures like Kill Bill, but that was the case of a picture that ended up becoming sprawling in length. The current issue is pictures like Avengers 3 or Divergent: Allegiant are being split into two movies without even a script written or evidence it will be needed. Check out my latest article that explores the latest annoying trend that was created via movies studios latest obsession with franchises and stretching them out as long as possible.