The Midweek Breakdown Gets Giddy About "Spectre" and Less So About Two Robin Hoods

Scott and I return to offer up more entertainment and movie talk for ol' hump day. This week we're both pretty ecstatic about the news that the latest James Bond picture will be called Spectre. You don't know why that is exciting news? Then you need to catch up on your old Bond pictures to be reminded of one of the coolest empires of evil in movies. It is double the excitement as this is the follow-up to one of the best ever in the series. After that, we're less excited about the news that two studios now want to launch a Robin Hood franchise, because sometimes public domain is the enemy that will kill us all. That leads to some grumblings and discussions over studios franchise fever and how it is affecting their strategies for the long term. As always, if you love the show then please pass on the word.