Postponing This Week's Breakdown

Some unforeseen circumstances have forced the Breakdown to be postponed this week, but if things turn out smooth and groovy just like that peanut butter the kids love to accompany their jam then hopefully we'll still be able to bring you the Breakdown of the Best of 2014 podcast (yes, I'm aware we're already 12 days into 2015). If not then you can all hide under your covers, make your best imitation of Scott and my voice, and make up your own Top Ten Movies of 2014 list -- it'll be fun.

If the Breakdown ends up being held over until another week, don't you worry about not getting any more love from me. As I plan to do the unbelievable and actually update the site this week. And I'll talk about that very thing and my plans for this site this year with a State of the Blog Address that should be posted at some undetermined time later today (or early tomorrow).

Until then, get to work on mimicking my voice, as you'll be tested when you least expect it.