The Movie Breakdown Episode 73 Podcast: Is The Imitation Game and American Sniper the Best Pictures of 2014?

Scott and I have decided to tweak the Breakdown and to signify that change we're going with the revolutionary new title of The Movie Breakdown. While the plan is to still have movie reviews, we're implementing some changes to ramp up the discussion aspect of the reviews, and as well as incorporating some debate on the major movie news of the week. The biggest movie news of this week is obviously the recent Oscar nominations and we both have some pretty strong opinions on some of the performers and filmmakers that received major snubs. We also stick with the Oscar theme by reviewing two movies that got Best Picture nods, The Imitation Game and American Sniper.

As always, if you love the show then please spread the word, and if you have any comments or opinions on our reviews this week (or any suggestions) please contact us at our respective emails of or or via Twitter at either @SpiceDawg or @BreakdownScott.

The Movie Breakdown Outline:

00:50 The Imitation Game review
13:34 My apparent response to head hammering and Scott's excuse for missing American Sniper
15:29 People love them some American Sniper
19:48 Finally, the actual American Sniper review (Just Christopher)
26:26 It's Such a Beautiful Day review (Just Scott)
32:47 Sienna Miller doesn't play Bradley Cooper's wife (Edit: Oops, she does!)
33:41 Paddington review (Just Christopher)
38:10 Scott answers crucial question about It's Such a Beautiful Day
38:50 Woman in Black: Angel of Death review (Just Christopher)
42:53 Whitey: United States of America vs. James J. Bulger review (Just Scott)
45:51 Brief digression to speak upon Hot flavoured chips
47:21 Back to Whitey
52:30 Ranting against the major Oscar snubs
1:10:15  Early Oscar predictions
1:14:07  Trailer reviews of Spy, Outcast, Playing It Cool, Unfriended
1:22:53  Reason for no new release reviews next week
1:25:00   Review Rundown

EDIT: Steve James didn't direct The Overnighters (Jesse Moss did) -- I meant to say The Interrupters.