The Movie Breakdown Podcast Ep. 75: Sometimes Failed Oscar Bait Means a Good Movie

Scott and I tackle the big announcement of the female leads of the new Ghostbusters movie, because everyone else is talking about it and we didn't want to miss the call. It is also Oscar time, so it seems like the perfect time to review either movies that got many nominations (The Theory of Everything), pictures that previous years got nominations (The Master) or movies that were clearly targeting nominations that missed out this year (The Good Lie). You might have some fun discovering the movies that get the recommendations, though the title kind of gives one away.

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The Movie Breakdown Outline:

0:00 - 1:14 Intro (messing up, the magic finger)
1:14 - 11:08 The Theory of Everything review (plus talk of what makes a "good" Oscar movie, problem with biopics)
11:09 -12:10 An Everett story intermission (princess fairy)
12:11 - 16:42 Sherlock series review (Season 1 and Episode 1 of Season 2)      
16:43 - 18:09 A second Everett story intermission (my son convinces me there is a One Ghost movie)
18:10 - 19:55 Scott's The Killing Season confession (plus Scott's excitement for Blood Lake)
19:56 - 14:19 Strange Magic review
14:20 - 27:24 Jupiter Ascending flops at Sundance (wanting to root for the Wachowskis)
27:25 - 34:16 The Good Lie review (trailer deception, mourning certain type of movies no longer deemed wide release worthy)
34:17 - 40:45 The Master review (strengths of Paul Thomas Anderson, humour and drama balance)
40:46 - 47:37 Ghostbusters casting and pictures potential to be a hit (Paul Feig directing a special effects picture, history of SNL cast members coming to the franchise)
47:38 -51:54 Fantastic Four trailer review and speculation of the type of movie
51:55 - 58:50 Ted 2 trailer review and a quick Ted review (fearing may need to see it, outlining movies looking forward to in February)
58:51 - 1:06:31 Looking at potential mid-budget adult pictures worth getting excited about (Batkid, Hurricane Katrina picture directed by Ava DuVernay, Catch & Release releasing commercial adult dramas)
1:06:32 - 1:17:04 Problem with prequels and Scott rants about Origins, the prequel to Night of the Living Dead (how prequels of horror movies ruin the scare factor, gloat over predicting Ghost Dimensions' release date being pushed back)
1:17:05 - 1:20:02 Child 44 trailer review (excited about a potential old-school adult thriller and frustration over what passes for adult action now)
1:20:03 - : A Very Long Closing (hyping potential reviews for next week, predicting the bigger movie disaster, judging interest off cinema trailer reactions, explaining why I picked @SpiceDawg handle)

EDIT: In the Ghostbusters segment, I meant John Belushi in Blues Brothers with Dan Aykroyd not his brother, Jim Belushi as I stated.