The Movie Breakdown Ep. 80 Podcast: We Could "Run All Night" and Still Have a Ball

Scott and I return to tackle new releases that include Liam Neeson's latest adventures in punching and shooting baddies in Run All Night and the far less violent but much fancier live-action Cinderella. Scott also takes the plunge on Transformers: Age of Extinction because he hates himself. It is a solid hour and half of movie talk and if you love it then please pass on the word.

The Movie Breakdown Outline:

0:00 -  12:15 Introduction (State of movies in 2015, love for Mad Max: Fury Road trailer, Christopher's inability to know names, predicting what Insurgent will be, YA backlash, John Green movies, Sphere in theatres, Timeline vs. Time Machine, Robert De Niro is Paul Walker's dad)
12:16 - 22:24 Run All Night review
22:25 - 33:34 Cinderella review (box office success of Cinderella and Run All Night)
33:35 - 44:04 Transformers: Age of Extinction review (swinging robot balls, guessing which movies Christopher's seen, animals loving TV)
44:05 - 45:09 The Odd Couple TV series premiere review
45:10 - 49:48 Inside Out trailer
49:49 - 53:50 Tomorrowland trailer (remembering Scott's The Incredibles DVD)
53:51 -57:12 Hotel Transylvania trailer (Christopher's inability to properly send links, Iris trailer review)
57:13 - 1:01:51 San Andreas trailer (mourning that disaster pictures are one of the few original big blockbusters)
1:01:52 - 1:16:14 Big studios creating franchises that no one seems to be demanding (Tron 3, live-action Dumbo, Ghostbusters cinematic universe, Leatherface prequel, Zoolander sequel)
1:16:15 - 1:19:45 Scheduling movie sequels years ahead causes spoilers and creative restrictions
1:19:46 - : Conclusion (Scott did make it to the bathroom)

Star Ratings:
Run All Night *** (CS) & **½(SM)
Cinderella *** (CS)
Transformers: Age of Extinction *½ (SM)