The Movie Breakdown Ep. 81: Just Can't Get Enough of Dystopias Filled with Pretty People and Ripped Older Men Shooting Baddies

This week on The Movie Breakdown I review the two major new releases in Insurgent and The Gunman. Scott then takes a look at the critically acclaimed 2014 horror picture, The Babadook. After that we discuss some trailers that include Pixels, Insidious Chapter 3, and Infinitely Polar Bear. As always if you love the show then please spread the word.

The Movie Breakdown Outline:

00:00 -  8:30 Usual rabbit-trail packed Introduction (Inability to post links, Scott's fly-down confession, writing erotica, professional wrestling mullets, reprimanding from wife and lack of zippers on pants for three year olds)
08:31 - 20:59 Insurgent review
21:00 - 25:28 The shifting of what studios are creating for teens (state of Divergent series, bragging about predicting The Fault in Our Stars would create a trend, return of high school dramas)
25:29 - 32:35 Paper Towns trailer review
32:36 - 45:30 The Babadook review
45:31 - 53:17 The Gunman review (remembering when Chappie made me fall asleep, time to retire Old Thespian actioners, problem with an action movie taking itself too seriously, Rambo!)
53:18 - 57:05 Scott looking at how successful he was at predicting new releases' box office numbers
57:06 -1:02:17 Pixels trailer review (problem with special effects comedies, Sandler taking chances again)
1:02:18 - 1:05:31 The Transporter Refueled trailer review
1:05:32 - 1:09:08 Insidious Chapter 3 trailer review (how I prefer to see Before I Wake)
1:09:09 - 1:14:35 Infinitely Polar Bear trailer review
1:14:36 - 1:24:04 Studios gravitating towards established names then copy entirely different movie (Verona, 6 Robin Hoods, Franchise burn out for even the big names, lack of anticipation with no waiting periods for sequels)
1:24:05 - Conclusion (Get Hard next week)

Star Rating Recap:
Insurgent *** (CS)
The Babadook **** (SM)
The Gunman ** (CS)