'Furious 7' Review Will Be Delayed and a Brief Look into My Latest Writing Obstacles

Today was supposed to be the glorious return to movie reviews on this site. Just like Woman in Black: Angel of Death was supposed to be that very thing way back during the first weekend of January. But a grizzly bear like anxiety and self-doubt attack did that in and caused me to retreat and hold off.

Today though was going to be different. I've slowly started adding articles on the site again and actually getting myself back into a healthy writing groove. Especially healthy since I can't have much of a career if I don't have things written.

The game plan and shiny dream was to get up early and have the Furious 7 review written and posted by noon. First my body had different plans as I ended up fading off to sleep much later than intended due to wanting to finish the Winnie the Pooh piece late last night. This meant I woke up to the announcement that Danika had a diaper best transitioned to the hamper and a bottom desiring a clean replacement diaper.

Diaper changing is a quick job, but a baby being wide awake and not ready to return to bed isn't. So it was me trying my career as a one armed writer for an hour, and then the prince awoke to fight for my attention. Instead of getting much writing done I was being informed of the mystical circus that was taking place in the family room and how it would be a disaster if I didn't attend.

Luckily, crazy three year olds sometimes still nap, and even luckier for me, mine falls under that category. Now without distraction, this is where the really annoying stuff occurred. As I had some uninterrupted time yet still couldn't churn out the piece at the pace that I wanted.

Partly it was the last year and half of self-doubt and crippling anxiety that has challenged my writing career wanting my attention again. As well, those same fears have been hampering me the last few months in me trying to focus and refine my craft. The past several months haven't' been prosperous writing wise. It partly has come from not fully recovering from a golden carrot that got dangled and then snagged from over a year ago. The rest is just a lot of internal demons that have been hanging out for too long but planned their attack after a few career set-backs like a client going under and another deciding paying well was for suckers.

Whatever the real reason, the review has taken far too long to write and taken far more energy than usual. Part of that may be my worry I'm posting a review that goes against the critical consensus and might trigger some rage. On top of that, I haven't written a review for this blog since last summer. I also refuse to write the review if it isn't honest and authentic (and hopefully, entertaining and informative).

The plan is for reviews to be a regular thing again, with an average of a new release review a week. Hopefully, one classic or older movie review thrown in too. At this point, I need to figure what caused it to dominate my day. I may need to work on them being much shorter going forward.

The take home point is that a review is written. But I'm too worn out to edit it and proof read it right now. Yes, I realize the irony of claiming such a thing and then rambling out another several hundred words. The review should be posted sometime tomorrow morning.