The Movie Breakdown Episode 84: No Movies Watched so We Talk Bodily Functions Instead

Scott and I talk movies this week despite the fact we were able to narrowly avoid the intoxicating lure of the latest Nicholas Sparks epic. Neither of us ended up watching movies since the last show, but we found a whole bunch to talk about -- some of it even had to do with the world of cinema. We discussed and debated such crucial things like the latest movies trailers (that includes Sinister 2), what is happening with upcoming comic book adaptations, the pointlessness of a She's All That remake, the many works of Stephen King that have turned into movie, and of course, my farts. If you love the show then please spread the word around.

The Movie Breakdown Outline:

00:00 - 03:09 Introduction and why we aren't reviewing a movie this week
03:10 - 12:36 Look at how The Longest Ride did at the box office and state of Nicholas Sparks 
12:37 - 18:33 The Roman Polanski Cinematic Universe Pitch
18:34 - 28:08 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl trailer and the state of modern teenage centric dramas
28:09 - 34:39 Sinister 2 trailer
34:40 - 48:08 Stephen King adaptations and why the novels are often better than the movies
48:09 - 55:30 She's All That remake and is it better to just rip it off
55:31 - 57:38 Hot Pursuit trailer
57:39 - 1:02:44 Is 2015 signaling the rise of female-centric summer time movies
1:02:45 - 1:19:56 Crack down on pirated movies and the need to adapt to modern times
1:19:57 - 1:37:30 Dark Tower series looks to finally be a thing and the obsession with cinematic universes
1:37:39 - 1:40:08 The false conclusion and talk about my constant farts and need to pee
1:40:09 - 1:43:49 Pinocchio live-action adaptation and Guillermo Del Toro doing Disney
1:43:50 - Conclusion and threats to review Paul Blart: Mall Cop and things squirt and getting off Facebook