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The Movie Breakdown Episode 86: Is it Time to Get Excited About Johnny Depp Again?

As Furious 7 continues to scorch at the box office, Scott and I thought it would be safer to stray away from the cinemas. Instead, we review Oliver Stone's 2012 Savages, because an allegory for big business practices told through a Mexican cartel kidnapping some benevolent drug dealer's shared girlfriend always feels relevant (plus star Blake Lively is also in this weekend's new release The Age of Adaline). Also just as the above title promises we talk Johnny Depp, and more specifically, his transformative role in the trailer for the upcoming Black Mass crime drama. It is another hour and half plus of in-depth movie talk and if you love the show then as always please spread the word.

00:00 - 6:44 Intro (some UFC talk)
6:44 - 10:08 Judging actor performances based on personal life
10:09 -  Reemergence of the musical (Josh Gad deal, Coen's Hail, Caesar, Bob the Musical)
21:54 - 30:42 Black Mass trailer (argument over buckets and plus segues)
30:43 - 53:23 Savages review
53:24 - 1:02:52 The Visit trailer
1:02:53 -1:10:13 Challenge of making a truly dark thriller
1:10:14 - 1:15:18 E.L. James gets her husband to write next Fifty Shades screenplay
1:15:19 - 1:23:14 Star Wars Rogue One new plot synopsis (Scott apologizing to his dad)
1:23:15 - 1:25:44 The Little Prince trailer
1:25:45 - 1:32:10 Jurassic World & Fantastic Four trailers (Scott's rant against dark comic book movie trend, more Taylor Kitsch talk)
1:32:11 - Closing (more pee talk and Christopher's unprofessionalism).