The Word of the Day is 'Complicated'

I've been wanting and trying to write an article reflecting on the rather significant news events from last night that I'm sure almost everyone is now quite aware. The decades upon decades of history that was triggered by another decades upon decades of history along with the boiling over current tragedies of the last several years resulting from long time simmering hot emotions and frictions can make it rather hand to compose and articulate as a privileged white male. It is even harder to compose something thoughtful when in the background a three year old is making elephant noises and claiming a fort must be made to avert the invading hippos.

I may write something about all this in the future. I may not. It sort of depends how things play out and what comes out from the current dialogue. I am not really confident in thinking I'm the best person to really shed much light on this dark situation.

What I do know is there isn't one easy answer here. There isn't a clear villain and hero. In certain parts of the narrative there clearly are evils and instigators and innocents and champions. But on the grander scope of the entire situation, there isn't an easy answer. There isn't a right and wrong here. Parts can be isolated to find some actual truths, but it still adds to much more labyrinthine story. The whole thing is a giant mess that has been piled on for several years now. The issues stem from a growing justified hatred, bitterness and distrust coming from the aforementioned decades of racism and nasty politics.

For now, I think it is just better to say it is complicated.