The Movie Breakdown Episode 92: Reviewing a Disaster Movie and Also 'San Andreas'

Scott and I shake things up with a review of the latest big special effects spectacle in the Dwayne Johnson starring San Andreas. I also give my thoughts on the very disappointing Aloha, as well as the 1980s action throwback Bullet to the Head. We go over an hour and half with talk about the latest news and biggest trailers. If you love the show then as always please spread the word.

Podcast Outline:

0:00 - 00:59 Intro
00:59 - 21:43 Point Break trailer (what old movies would be like with new technology, how expectations for genre movies change, great directors able to make great special effects with smaller budgets, Sepp Blatter insanity)
21:44 - 40:19 San Andreas review
40:20 - 45:48 Aloha review
45:49 - 53:42 Children of the Corn (1984) review
53:43 - 1:02:36 Bullet to the Head review
1:02:37 - 1:11:06 It's Such a Beautiful Day review
1:11:07 - 1:16:53 American Ultra trailer (need to see Sinister)
1:16:54 - 1:21:19 Cop Car trailer
1:21:20 - 1:25:01 A Walk in the Woods trailer
1:25:02 - 1:36:16 Ridiculousness of labeling Mad Max: Fury Road as feminist propaganda
1:36:17 - 1:38:15 Review Rundown
1:38:16 - Very very very long closing (big long discussion about the point system, arguing over Poltergeist as a disappointment)

Rating Rundown:

San Andreas *** (CS) & *** (SM)
Aloha * (CS)
Children of the Corn (1984) * (CS) & *½ (SM)
Bullet to the Head *½ (CS) & ***(SM)
It's Such a Beautiful Day ****(CS) & ****(SM)

If you're still reading this, then you're probably one of those crazy rascals that read every word that I post on here. If you are, then I want to apologize for once again being rather inconsistent posting articles. I blame part of the problem on my inability to master the art of brevity and the other part on my inability to drown out the negative voices with Bachman-Turner Overdrive. It is my goal to make June the time where I rock this place with words in the form of movie reviews, news, and analysis. If there is something here at least once a day then we'll consider it a success. Yee-Haw.