The Movie Breakdown Episode 100: 'Ant-Man' Proves Smaller Can be Better and 'Trainwreck' Shows Amy Schumer is the Next Great Comedic Actor

Scott and I have hit the big 100 with our number of The Movie Breakdown episodes. Over that time we've changed the format and style, but it has always been about reviewing and discussing movies. This week we look at the two big new releases in Trainwreck and Ant-Man. We also review 2002 thriller Changing Lanes and one of us doesn't think it holds up. From there we look at the modern state of the blockbuster and discuss if they've really become stupider and have dipped in quality.

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The Movie Breakdown Outline:

00:00 - 4:45 Intro (why we didn't do anything special and the legacy of Teen Wolf)
4:46 - 20:42 Trainwreck review
20:43 - 28:51 Ant-Man review
28:52 - 34:14 "Judy Greer Effect" of talented women stuck in useless roles
34:15 - 43:12 Changing Lanes (2002) review
43:13 - 49:29 Box Office Game Update
49:30 - 1:06:52 Are blockbusters getting dumber and do they make movies like they used to?
1:06:53 - 1:26:19 Trailers Reviews (Joy, The Revenant, Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman, Sisters. The Gift)
1:26:20 - 1:27:23 Review rundown
1:27:24 - Closing (Scott whines about reviewing Paper Towns next week)

Star Rating:

Trainwreck ***½ (CS & SM)
Ant-Man *** (CS)
Changing Lanes ** (CS) & ***½ (SM)