The Movie Breakdown Episode 101: Formula and Tropes Can Still Make Good Movies as We Review 'Paper Towns' and 'Southpaw'

Despite defending Adam Sandler earlier last week, I still avoided Pixels and instead caught the other two wide releases of the week in Southpaw and Paper Towns. Scott and I review those movies along with the documentary The Search for General Tso and the 1991 John Candy starring comedy, Only the Lonely. As well we look at the movies aimed at teens and how they've changed over the years.

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The Movie Breakdown Outline:

00:00 - 02:04 Intro
02:05 - 16:05 Paper Towns review
16:06 - 25:48 Southpaw review
25:49 - 35:16 Only the Lonely review
35:17 - 45:50 The Search for General Tso review
45:51 - 51:32 Sharknado: Oh Hell No review based off what Scott's dad said
51:33 - 57:04 Box Office Game Update
57:05 - 1:11:08 The evolutions of teenage geared movies and how to make smaller movies hits
1:11:09 - 1:17:30 Spoiler adverse culture obsessed with trailers, clips, and stills
1:17:31 - 1:19:28 Review rundown
1:19:29 - Closing

Star Ratings:
Paper Towns *** (CS & SM)
Southpaw *** (CS)
Only the Lonely ** (CS & SM)
The Search for General Tso ***½ (CS & SM)