'The Boy' Trailer Reminds us the Importance of Following the Rules

You'd think over 30 years after Stripe and his gremlin buddies trashed Kingston Falls that people would learn that you absolutely need to follow the rules given to you by mysterious elderly folks for caring for the supernatural. Especially Laura Cohan should know the importance of strict regulations to survive after all her time with hungry zombies. Yet here she is not taking a creepy doll seriously and if she is going to work in a creepy Gothic mansion then she needs to appease the poltergeists. The Boy is scheduled for release in January, which is usually time for the jump-scare infested and non-demanding horror to appease all the movie goers overstuffed on the Oscar bait and want easily digestible and faithful-to-formula genre fare. Trailer suggests it is coming out at exactly the right time, but maybe this will follow a previous STX release, The Gift, by being far more than the marketing suggests.