The Breakdown of Wes Craven Podcast

Back in August we lost an iconic filmmaker and hero among the horror movie lovers in Wes Craven. So, it is way long overdue that two guys who felt that their film tastes were formed and their creative fires were sparked by his works would finally get around to appropriately celebrating his career. This week Scott and I review five Wes Craven pictures, which are his redefining '90s slasher picture, Scream; his innovative reimagining of his most popular picture in New Nightmare; his attempt at horror comedy in the Eddie Murphy vehicle Vampire in Brooklyn; a claustrophobic thriller in Red Eye; and finally one of his rare straight dramas in the Meryl Streep starring Music of the Heart.

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Rating Rundown:

Scream **** (CS) & ***½ (SM)
Wes Craven's New Nightmare *** (CS) & ***½ (SM)
Vampire in Brooklyn * (CS & SM)
Red Eye *** (CS & SM)
Music of the Heart *** (CS & SM)

Critical Darling Draft Pick: 

Scott: 30 points  

1. Carol  
2. Brooklyn  
3. Macbeth  
4. 99 Homes - 15 points
5. Joy
6. Good Dinosaur
7. Suffragette
8. Hateful Eight
9. Room
10. Sicario - 15 points

Christopher: 10 points

1. The Revenant
2. The Danish Girl
3. Spotlight
4. I Saw the Light
5. Crimson Peak
6. Steve Jobs - 10 points 
7. Youth
8. Truth  
9. Our Brand is Crisis  
10. Star Wars VII: Force Awakens