Feeding the Need by Finally Fixing a Major Blog and Podcast Gripe

After only wanting to do this for the last five years, I finally fired up the very easy to use Feedburner.com and roasted me a delicious official feed for The International House of Spicer. For most this doesn't change anything, but for those that prefer to follow sites via the feed reader of their choosing it is now much easier. You can now subscribe to the feed and be notified whenever a post has been published. At this point, I think the feed version is whole lot less pretty than the actual site, but the words will be just as delectable as ever.

There has also been a few shouting to the heavens that they wanted the Breakdown podcasts to be easier to listen or essentially, have options to listen to it off the site on the device of their choosing like a real podcast. I've now burned a feed that is entirely dedicated to the podcast, which will make for convenient listening.

At the present time on the sidebar, there are two nicely labelled icons to subscribe to the feeds. I don't like the logo and the design of them at all, but that entire side of the site is a mess and in need of a major overhaul. In the coming weeks, I hope to clean that area up and make it prettier. For now, my bigger concern is to actually get regular content on here to make those feeds all the more enticing.