DC Comic Movies Might Dare to Crack Jokes, After All

Man of Steel and Zach Snyder's entire filmography has made me apprehensive about getting on board the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice love train. This new trailer still shows lot of the irritating Snyder-isms like the obsession with explosions wiping out an entire city and everything having a metallic shade to it. This trailer has given me some sparks of hope that the DC Comics run at movie glory isn't going to be sunk with gloomy and over-serious storytelling. The final sequence in this trailer shows just a tad of a sense of humour with the exchange between Batman and Superman wondering where Wonder Woman came from. You toss that in along with Jesse Eisenberg's flamboyant and energetic take of Lex Luthor and there are signs the picture may have a bounce in its step and some self-awareness. There seems to be some actual character-driven drama, like the fun tension filled party scene between the alter-egos, to balance with the ear drum rattling and retina scarring city toppling action scenes that are sure to be in abundance.

I can't shake the thought that in an attempt to outdo Marvel's Captain America: Civil War trailer that Warner Brothers has shown too much like Superman unmasking Batman. I have a tingling sense the trailer went Amazing Spider-Man 2 by revealing the final shot of the film with our heroes standing tall together to battler Doomsday right before the end credits roll to leave us excited for the impending Justice League movie. When I say "excited", of course I mean annoyed we got left with a feature-length commercial for another movie. For now, I'll ignore those instincts and be optimistic there is a whole hour that hasn't been spoiled.