Sylvester Stallone Goes 'No Blood'

It looks like I owe Sylvester Stallone apology. Deadline is now reporting that Stallone has backed out of the Rambo and Son: New Blood project, and now we'll never find out what happens to Colonel Trautman's window. Or I'm assuming Fox is going to do the smart thing and realize that a Rambo without Stallone involved in any capacity isn't Rambo. It is just some muscled up ex-Vietnam soldier who has a kid, which doesn't quite have the same hook without all the history of blowing up Communist right out of their boots. Stallone clearly still can make right decisions and maybe realized that it is best not to Norbit his chances at a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. I'm sure we still have a gazillion Expendables on the way, but at least during awards seasons, Stallone has proven to make better career choices than Eddie Murphy.