2010 Called and Wants Their Movie Back

Gods of Egypt's new trailer promises Gerard Butler rallying his chiseled troops with his muscular arms glistening in an armored tank top, slow-motion action shots for the sake of having slow-motion shots, Caucasian actors playing non-Caucasian Middle Eastern roles, very CGIed mystical and ridiculous creatures, and a typical mortals being pesky to the angry Gods story along with some sprinklings of convoluted mythological subplots that the writers hope you'll get distracted from trying to figure out by the flying golden birdmen. All this may have raised an eyebrow in 2010, but I'm baffled this got approved as an aspiring to be a blockbuster action adventure in 2016. Was there a loud contingent of film goers demanding a Clash of Titans and 300 knock-off that I completely missed? The pictures best bet for making any money seems to appeal to the "lets heckle at the trainwreck" crowd but I'm positive the budget wasn't geared towards the cult favourite types. I still appreciate them using King Leonidas as the vain villain, but they missed the boat by not matching him up against Sam Worthington.