Survivor: Kaoh Rong: Zip Those Lips

Jennifer Lanzetti's Undoing
I'm an episode behind on Survivor: Kaoh Rong, but I wanted to mention maybe one of the more entertaining but brick in the head Tribal Council blunders. Jennifer Lanzetti was able to survive a hungry ear bug, but it was her own big mouth that did her in. One of the worst positions to be in this game is the swing vote. Most often what happens is the castaway openly plays both sides thus gets shipped off due to annoyance and untrustworthiness. This time around Jenny confesses she was about ready to vote against her alliance when there wasn't a single smart reason for letting that out. She could have happily voted off Alecia without her tatted up bro-mans ever knowing how close their game over was about to become. Or she could have laid back and felt the tone of the room, and decide if her all-female alliance was the better strategy. A player can't worry about breaking alliances only six days in and such things shouldn't start being a major concern until merge time.

The biggest tragedy is that I now have to put up with the droopy lobed, tough-guy, bullying of the blistering red-shouldered Kyle Jason. I get he is a bad-ass bounty hunter but I'm not going to keep down my noodles if I have to keep on witnessing his misogynistic treatment of Alecia. My one solace is that even though he may outlast her, he isn't likely to win this thing.

Though I don't have a clue who is going to win yet. That unfortunately has nothing due to it being a competitive season but rather everyone is lumpy, half-melted, vanilla ice-cream at this point. Okay, there is Tai Trang who is pretty awesome and I love his little bro-mance with Caleb Reynolds. He doesn't stand out due to exciting game play and strategy. There is a chance he may go deep due to being likable, but I could just as easily see him as a pre-merge boot due to his less than discreet idol searching.

This season also has the misfortune of being the follow-up to Survivor: Second Chance, which was easily one of the best seasons that I've seen with one of my all-time favourite winners, Jeremy Collins. This is so far flat and also has the black cloud of shaping to be a "medevac" season, which I never find all that fun because the best stuff is the lead- up to and the actual Tribal Council. I'm sure after a few more episodes of stretching and weeding out, the big players will become clearer and hopefully, some interesting characters and big plays shine through.