The Breakdown of 'The Jungle Book' and 'Criminal'

The Breakdown finally returns to reviewing movies this week, including two 2016 releases. We go deep into India (or a Los Angeles studio) with Disney's latest live-action adaption of an animated classic in the adventure, The Jungle Book. We also look at Kevin Costner's latest picture in the action feature, Criminal. After the movie reviews, we look at texting in movie theatres and discuss if that is an effective strategy in bringing back the younger movie goer. As always if you enjoy the show then please spread the love by letting others know and if you have the time, give us a five star review on our iTunes site.

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Review Rundown:

Criminal *½ (CS) & ** (SM)
The Jungle Book **** (CS & SM)
The Forger *½ (CS) & * (SM)
Pound of Flesh * (CS * SM)