Darn You, Mike Flanagan! I Wasn't Supposed to be Excited About 'Ouija: Origin of Evil'

If I composed a "Top Ten 2016 Movies That I Don't Want to See" list, then a few hours ago there would have been a strong chance Ouija: Origin of Evil would have ranked high. I also would have become one of those cynical and cranky movie writers and I'd deserve one of the 10 or so daily slaps I get from my 15-month old daughter. The first movie looked to be pure haunted horror cliché and a sequel screamed studio-driven cash grab since the first was such a huge surprise hit. As well, it is based off a really dumb board game that lacks marbles posing as fireballs.

Yet today was when I discovered that Mike Flanagan is directing it and suddenly, that rascal has got me a little bit excited to check this movie out. Flanagan has done a fantastic job of taking what could be routine horror pictures in Oculus and Hush, and plays on the tropes and twists them around to make something fresh plus he is without doubt one of the more stylish and atmospheric horror filmmakers. The new trailer actually looks pretty decent with the typical jump scares but there seems to be a patience here and an attempt to try some new things. I also dig the 1960s setting and several scenes feel like homages to classic horror from the time like Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby and even a bit of Omen. If this ends up being really good, then this will be the third horror sequel that wins me over after I didn't like the original (Insidious Chapter 3 and Conjuring 2). With the amazing talent that has been emerging over the past few years, it looks like we may be entering into a new golden era for mainstream horror.