Life Post the Great Computer Crash

For all seventeen of you gripped by the exciting computer drama, I'm currently using a loaner while my laptop sits for three weeks in a shop and my desktop sits pretty as I take advantage of its operational minutes by manually backing up all the important files. For some reason the computer won't do a full system back-up, so I'm just picking and choosing what I can't live without (mainly family pictures stored on there) and burning it on DVDs. It'll be nice when that is done because then it can keep the laptop company and I can drop even more money on my aged computers. Unfortunately, all this playing around has meant that my productivity hasn't been rocking too hard, especially since the non backing-up minutes have been occupied by a certain 15 month old who feels napping is cutting into her mischief making. Client work has taken precedence over written reviews of Warcraft and Conjuring 2, but you can listen to both on this week's podcast. Not sure if I'll end up finding time to write them but I promise there will be other writery goodness on here this week. Maybe it will even be more than excuse posts for a change.