'Mechanic: Resurrection' Trailer is Very Informative

I'm really excited about the new Mechanic: Resurrection trailer, because I learned several new things. The big one is that they made a remake to the Charles Bronson 1972 Mechanic movie, and someone must have gone to see it since here is the sequel. Another big revelation is that Jessica Alba is still getting work in mainstream movies, so that is nice. On the casting front, it is clear that Tommy Lee Jones' new thing is to be token crusty bad guy or maybe he is the crusty starts as a bad guy but then become buds with Jason Statham but he is definitely crusty. The last thing that I've learned is that end of August seems to be the best time to plop down your generic and derivative violent action movie with a star who isn't really a draw anymore (it follows the lead of such action gems as The November Man, The Transporter Refueled, and Hitman: Agent 47).