Don't underestimate anger. Definitely don't ignore those who capitalize on that anger and hate and bitterness. Every media outlet was shocked when Rob Ford was elected mayor but there was a restless and hurting population that saw the opportunity for drastic overhaul. It seemed everyone outside of Toronto were scratching their heads and in shock; sort of like the same feeling many are experiencing right now. Ford was elected because there was enough that needed their voice heard and they needed to see change and they needed to feel like they had power again.

When there is a significant population that feels forgotten or beaten or neglected or hurt it has been shown in history that is when the shocking new power rises. It usually isn't the sane choice or the right choice or even the choice that fixes the problems, but it demonstrates a population that is hurting and desperate. Many angry Americans have elected a misogynist, a bigot, a racist, and a con man as the ruler of the free world. It is hard to shake feelings that the worst president in history has just been elected. It is hard to shake feelings that we are in for some toxic and poisonous times. But just like everything else in life, we have to wait and see how this will all really turn out.  Even more importantly, we need to cling on to hope.

This election proves a lot of things. It prove Hillary Clinton's campaign was over confident and underestimating the tide in America. They weren't aware the damage done by those emails or how much Trump was able to dig his thumb into the wounds of America to stir up rage. The biggest thing this proves is that America is more damaged and more divided than most believed. This also means that this revelation opens the chance for American to try to come together and start the healing. I have no confidence the new president has any ability or interest in doing this, but maybe Americans can rise above the person they put in charge.

I've got a lot of negativity, confusion and nausea swirling around my body. All I can do is cling to hope that that these next four years won't be the apocalypse being predicted on all social media.  Maybe Trump will wake up realizing he is unfit for his position and ensure his charade continues by hiring personnel and aligning himself with smart and decent people. He can at least give himself a competent speechwriter and listen to advice of those that actually care about their country. Hopefully, his advisors notify him that this isn't a reality TV show or a publicity stunt. He is more than the leader of the angry white males who haven't connected to the fact the world and their country is progressing and changing. He is going to be president and I sure hope he figures that out soon and acts like one.

I have been trying real hard to not reference Adolf Hitler. There are enough memes scattered throughout the internet making that point. Trump has been vile, despicable, and sickening for the majority of his campaign and I am still waiting for the point he proves to even be mildly competent. But he is also now going to be president so the only thing that can be done is wait and really hope he shocks us again. Right now it feels like one of the worst things that has ever happened to America yet its own people chose this. Maybe this narrative still has a few twists and something wonderful can rise out of the wreckage.